Wellness is optimized by partnering with your veterinarian to prevent disease and to impact the health of your pet.


Nutrition/feeding – Choose a well-balanced food and follow veterinarian’s advice on daily intake.  Provide clean water daily.

Dental care – Brush teeth daily and/or give dental chews to promote dental health.

Exercise – Daily walks and/or playtime nurtures mental and physical health


Annual Wellness Visits – Provides an opportunity to exam and discuss your pet’s individual wellness plan

Vaccinations – Administered to prevent diseases and promote health in your pet

Bloodwork – Testing healthy pets during wellness visits provides your pet’s normal baseline values. Annual heartworm test are highly recommended in the spring.

Heartworm/Flea Control – Several products are available to prevent heartworm and control flea infestation. Heartworm products require a prescription from your veterinarian.

Dental exam/cleaning – An exam will help to identify early periodontal issues.